Jenny’s Gift

I was asked to do a painting that was to be given as a gift to a very special family law attorney.  He is someone I happen to know personally as well and I can attest to what a special person he is.  A friend of mine unfortunately had to use his services and wanted to thank him in a special way. This painting I am about to show you the progression of was the gift she gave him.

I started this painting with a burnt orange/ earth yellow otherwise known as yellow ochre as a base color. I wanted to give a warm under painting to an otherwise cool palette.

boats, seascape, water, ocean, cove, sail, moored

The first step “Moored Boats.”

I start with a general sketch; in this case I used a burnt sienna because it’s darker than the yellow ochre. I usually use yellow ochre however because it blends well and or disappears when you come to the final strokes of the work.

Boats,water, ocean, cove, seascape, sails,

Sketch of

My latest paintings I have been using more of my palette knife to lay color down than my brush but in this painting I used both. Once the sketch is in, I start with the sky traditionally because I want to be sure my painting doesn’t end up too dark. Where you start generally sets the tone for the key or lightness/darkness of the painting.

Boats, Sails, moored, cove, ocean, seascape,

Palette knife start on Moored Boats

I lay color on top of color doing something called scumbeling where you are skipping color over another color showing the color underneath.  This creates a vibration between the colors and therefore interest.

boats, sails, ocean, water, seascape, cove

Closing in on finish to Moored Boats

I continue doing this throughout the painting using my brush for subtle transitions on the hull of the boat and to create the mast lines.

boats, water, cove, ocean, sails, seascape

Finished painting of Moored Boats

I got a big hug from the attorney after he received this painting! : )


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