For those who don’t know much about my background, I am a fisherman’s daughter. I grew up on the water commercial fishing. Outside of working on my fathers and uncles fishing boats I made a brief living catching eels setting pots in Salt Pond and Narrow River in my home state of Rhode Island.


All the while I was developing my love and passion for art.  Intertwined for me are nature in general but specifically the ocean and my paintings. This makes up who I am. The distractions of life and lack of personal development, I feel, held me back from growing at a faster rate in terms of my skills as an artist but I am one determined chick! There’s one thing no one can say about me and that is I gave up!

I learned from my mother, that when I was a kid she was looking for something to keep me busy so she got me drawing books. Well, it became a life long passion. After various helpers along the way, my high school art teacher, a family artist friend and some do it yourself time, I decided I needed training so I found a woman in Harbor Island Narragansett Rhode Island who matched what I was trying to achieve at the time, to be a great copier. Getting the details to a T was very important to me.


fishing, boat, sea, ocean,

The Katherine

As time went on however I felt the need to explore a more creative side. That’s when I met Ernest Principato who introduced me to the Cape Cod School of Art method of seeing the color of light. There I painted “plein air” or from life, where I trained my naked eye to see the color effects atmosphere had on objects, much like Monet and his haystack and cathedral series. We were taught using a palette knife, so far from going after the detail we were to avoid detail and think in terms of broad strokes of color. What a brain shift!!

I loved it!!     

Again, life or maybe my mindset, got in the way of my spending the kind of time I would have liked to fully develop that skill but I managed to get enough time in to where my work is forever impacted by that training.

Moving on to today, I still have had a strong desire to push the envelope. A few years ago I was asked to do an abstract painting. I had experimented with a few abstracts but none I considered particularly successful. I have taken inspiration from other artists doing work I admired. Practice pieces and these artists I admired, gave me the confidence to tackle abstraction on a more serious level. Sadly for this person, they didn’t like what I had done. Deep down I knew I was on to something though. Next outdoor art show, beside my impressionist seascapes, was this abstract. Guess what sold!? Yup, the abstract!

abstract, red, green, yellow, purple

colorful and vibrant

That has sent me on a whole new journey. I have explored and successfully executed more abstract paintings. I also have been combining my impressionism and abstraction to an abstracted realism look. I am having fun! The other great thing is people are not only responding favorably with compliments but they are buying my work! Wow!

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