My Journey

  For those who don't know much about my background, I am a fisherman's daughter. I grew up on the water commercial fishing. Outside of working on my fathers and uncles fishing boats I made a brief living catching eels setting pots in Salt Pond and Narrow...

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Jenny’s Gift

Jenny’s Gift I was asked to do a painting that was to be given as a gift to a very special family law attorney.  He is someone I happen to know personally as well and I can attest to what a special person he is.  A friend of mine unfortunately had to use his services...

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Wow! What A Summer For Art 2016 Has Been!

This summer, starting in April, was both profitable but also transitional. I feel blessed to have the freedom to explore my creativity. April began with an awesome opportunity to paint several mural size paintings for a salon/spa in Westerly RI. Thanks to an interior...

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New Products I Have Created

Hello Friend, I am excited to announce some new products I have created with the help of Fine Art America! I have chosen a select few images to show case on my website but there are other paintings I have done in my gallery there. You will have the option to choose...

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